The smartwatch
for plants

Our mission is to ensure food security in the face of climate change

We aim to give growers the tools to give their plants the exact amount of water they need to produce food, optimising precious resources and ensuring they can meet sustainability objectives. Maximising water efficiency creates benefits that flow through the whole production system to consumers, growers, and the communities where they operate.

Croptide utilises a novel sensor to read the ‘stem water potential’ directly from the stem of plants such as grapevines and apple trees.

Water potential is the negative pressure within the plant that is used to suck water from the soil and is considered the measure of water stress most linked to the quality and yield of fruit.

It started with a shared passion to make a difference.

The Croptide team are passionate about trying to solve one of the major challenges facing the world through the use of technology. After hearing about the water efficiency commercial growers were achieving through manually measuring water potential – we knew we had to find a way to automate it and provide a practical tool for the world.